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River cruise & banquet – 6 July 2017

….on the board of Európa Boat which is the largest dining boat of Budapest.
The banquet includes:

  • served four courses menu including drinks
  • live music
  • beautiful view of the Danube and Budapest by night
  • organised transportation from the conference venue and back after the program

Price: 70 EUR/person

Registration and payment can be done in the online system, in the “Optional program” menu.

Please note:
The maximum attendance of the banquet is limited, so please indicate your intent of participation during the registration in time.

Programme offers – 7 July 2017 – morning

All Budapest programme will be organised at the same time so please select only one event out of five below.

Booking is available via online, in your record. Please log in to the registration database and under the “optional programmes” you can make your program booking. The number of participants for each program is limited, so make sure to arrange your order in time.

Participation in each programme is included in the registration fee.

1. Crime and History in Buda castle FULLY BOOKED

Meeting point: Clark Ádám Square – MAP>>
Length of the event: ~2 hours
Route: Clark Ádám Square – Fisherman’s bastion – Matthias church – Ruszwurm – Tóth Árpád walkway – Dísz Square

“The cops again! I’m getting tired of their tailing me all the time. In fact, since time immemorial! They just can’t leave you alone. I swear to God I’m innocent. How come there’s this wallet in my pocket you’re asking me about? Well, someone or other must have put it in my pocket! How else can it be here? Because I didn’t steal it, I swear to God. I haven’t picked a pocket in my whole life! Of course, such small-time figures are rife in this area, no wonder they think I’m one of them. Wait till I tell you what’s going on here, then you’ll see for yourselves that I have nothing to do with them. How ’bout getting a move on before the cops catch up with us…? ”

Willie Slick, a small-time pickpocket will be your guide for the next two hours if you join us to one of our most popular thematic walking tours in Budapest. He’ll be talking about the Buda Castle, old crimes and executions, the people and the buildings here, he’ll be telling you fascinating stories about everything that has happened here in the past centuries. Beware of him, pardon me, be aware of the exciting surprises that his stories may bring to you…

Please note:
The maximum attendance of this tour is 30 persons, so please indicate your intent of participation during the registration in our online database in time.

2. Budapest’s Records – with Mike Liarsson FULLY BOOKED

Meeting point: Szent István Square – MAP>>
Length of the event: ~2 hours
Route: Szent István Square – Széchenyi Square – Chain Bridge – Vörösmarty Square – Servite Square – Dohány street Synagogue – Gozsdu courtyard

“Dear Visitor, my name is Mike Liarsson, and I have been commissioned by his/her Royal Highness to be your guide in Budapest in all circumstances. As I have been brought up a dutiful person, I’ll meet you at the meeting point no matter what! I already walked right after the day I had been born on and as a one-week old child, I was the first person to run around the planet with just one breath held back, so I guarantee we won’t get tired. I know the place inside out, so why not join me for two hours and see “the best and the most” of Budapest. Trust me.” Mike Liarsson is a soldier, who takes visitors to the city on a thematic walking tour and tells them stories about his adventures, his life, the people here and why Budapest has been and will be a city of “the best and the most”…

Please note:
The maximum attendance of this tour is 30 persons, so please indicate your intent of participation during the registration in our online database in time.

3. Beyond Budapest – secret gardens and squares FULLY BOOKED

Meeting point: Deák Ferenc Square – MAP>>
Length of the event: ~2,5 hours
Route: Deák Square – Kammermayer Károly Square – Vitkovics Mihály Street – Kossuth Lajos street – Egyetem square – Károlyi garden – Dohány Street Synagogue – Gozsdu courtyard – Király Street

“From the street, nothing can be seen, just a battered façade, an obscure gateway, and a massive double door … Do you want to know what is hiding inside? Step in with us, and you will find yourself in a magical world of centuries-old trees, colorful flowers, marble wells and shady benches along the winding paths – green oases in the midst of the concrete jungle, which reveal the harmonious coexistence of man and nature in an urban environment, and invite us to rest and to contemplate. These inner gardens and parks squatting among the apartment houses guard the secrets of their onetime residents: they tell us stories of glory and defeat, love and death – and thus make the history of the city living and tangible. During our 2.5-hour walk we gain access to some beautiful private gardens which are otherwise closed to the public; we also visit a cloister garden and one of the prettiest inner-city parks. While you learn a lot about the development and the botanical curiosities of Budapest, you can be carried away by the true tales of a long-ago town.

Please note:
The maximum attendance of this tour is 30 persons, so please indicate your intent of participation during the registration in our online database in time.

4. Budapest – a thousand faces FULLY BOOKED

Meeting point: in front of the Opera House – MAP>>
Length of the event: ~2.5 hours
Route: Opera – Andrássy Avenue – Nagymező Street – Parisian Great Department Store– Liszt Ferenc Square (Academy of Music) – Király Street – Gozsdu Court – Madách Square

During the sightseeing walking tour we introduce the most beautiful places of the city. We do this in a way, that we include hidden and less known beauties into the itinerary. On the Andrassy Avenue we talk about the 19th century Pest, the life and tastes of that period, we have a look into one of the elegant palaces on Andrassy Avenue, we visit the atelier of the once famous royal and imperial photographer Mano Mai, also, we look down on the footprints of actors in Nagymező Street, we have a look inside the Academy of Music, then we finish by having a walk in the colourful Jewish district. During our walk we are looking for the answer: what kind of ingredients this city is composed of, and how it became the city we see it today, what are the small details which essentially make up the soul of Budapest…

Please note:
The maximum attendance of this tour is 30 persons, so please indicate your intent of participation during the registration in our online database in time.

5. Budapest sightseeing by bus

Length of the event: 3 hours

The Budapest sightseeing tour will be start at the magnificent Castle District and during a short walk we show you the main attractions of the area. We walk to the Matthias Church and to the Fishermen’s Bastion from where you can enjoy the beautiful panorama. We continue our tour by bus. The next stop will be the Gellért Hill (Citadel) where you can see the spectacular view of Budapest. Then we take you across the Elisabeth Bridge to Pest and show you the famous Central Market Hall, followed by the largest Synagogue of Europe and the City Park. We pass by Europe’s largest thermal spa (Széchenyi Bath) and the Budapest Zoo, then we stop at the Heroes’ Square with statues of the most famous Hungarian kings and dukes. Later we take the Andrássy Avenue to downtown Pest, pass by the Opera House and the St Stephen’s Basilica. We finish our tour by showing you the impressive neo-gothic House of Parliament.

 We reserve the right to make changes in the programme

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